The orientation of the chair is unbalanced on the page created a zoomed in effect on the chair. To create depth I had added light and dark lines and shadow all throughout the chair to show the creases and folds. For the color I wanted to go darker than the actual color of the cloth to create contrast between the stripes. The message I wanted to convey with the style of my chair is the roughness of the stripes and color of the chair is that not very chair will be a perfect match and can be worn out or get roughed up over time because after being used over time.


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biomorphic animal critique

final ax


After the critique, I have gotten a response to improve on the background. What I have done is redrawn the land drainage pipe from the first final. People thought the it was a good idea for when the axolotl travels and is need of water.

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Biomorphic Animal


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Illuminated name/ Initials

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Illuminated name/initials


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Accordion Book-Linear Day



With my linear day I wanted to create a crazy chaotic day. When coming with ideas, I thought about what could lead to a crazy day. The idea of the theme of psychedelics came to mind to representing how my insomnia looks like and so I chose to do something with drugs and seeing things and opening the mind. When coming with transitions, I had to think things to work great for transitioning to another while still keeping the story going. Elements that stand out the most is the lines, The page with the mushrooms and the page with the tree represent the idea of taking the mushroom and hallucinating.




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Still Life Drawings

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