Max 7 Final

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.37.08 PM

This is mockup of the max 7 lighting idea. The concept of the idea is to have the visual and audio representations of a thunderstorm.  The waves represent the audio of the storm. While the lights on right video is a visual of lights. If this project was to continue, it would be transform in to a room exhibition to have people watch or interact with. There would be two walls to have the lights on and show the noise projection. While on two there walls would be the audio waves. All around the room would speakers to hear the thunderstorm audio. There would be a station to control on how the lights would look like will by entering numbers and color changing what the waves look like. Over time, the big idea would evolve with the colors changing on its own while the lights would change to the sounds or have a choice to interact and people could create their own light reactions.

The waves are the audio of the storm. The louder the storm is,the closer the waves come together. The softer the sound the farther away the waves are from each other. The sound is playing throughout the stereo. The visual of the audio waves is control through the interpol8r and the slidr. The information of the audio is turned into VIZZE data and transforms to the audio waves. Mat_emission and the erase_color controls on what colors it looks like. Draw_mode is what shape the audio waves can take.

The noise would be the “LED lights” or the lights would be one of visuals from the audio. The jit.matrix is the how the information from the patch that retrieves the image that appears in the video window. The value controls how many dots are in the window. The zoom x and y control how close or far the pixels are zoomed in. The anchors controls which way and the noise moves around. The bound mode is what and how is left behind when the video movies. The slide down control how bright the dots are.


The video show how the whole patch works as a whole rather shown in pieces and broken down. the video shows how changing the values in each part can change the effects of the videos.

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Wood and Clay-Artist Statement

The lamp represents the “Light of the Sea.” In the dark parts of the sea there will always be light at the bottom. The circles carved out of the wood creates movement, like the ocean                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         waves.

Starfish are creatures that inhabit the bottom of the sea that is the base of my lamp. The ocean is a colorful place filled with texture and color. The whole starfish creates texture with depth. The colors of the lamp are analogous together because they are colors of a starfish and the ocean. The circles and organic quality of the lamp creates movement and makes the lamp alive.

The research of the structure was the most difficult part, I was trying to find a way to create a sturdy lamp. The outcome of the lamp didn’t look that much different from the original sketch except the legs of the starfish are placed different than on a normal starfish.

With my first-time wood carving, I started with simple shapes to get an understanding of how the wood carving process would be. The circles in the wood carving create the openness of the piece.


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Design Disruptors Film

     There was a screening of the movie, “Design Disruptors” on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at Alfred University. This  movie talked about how design is important today and how it will be important in the future. Different head design CEOS had described what design mean to them why it is important in the past and in today’s society.

    Design of products and software are to help connect the clients or users to what they see everyday of their lives. This movies shows why people keep creating for what’s to come later or in other words to help design things to evolve with its users. Everyone single one of those designers had a different words to describe what they do as for their careers. Some said it was product designs while others said graphic designers and others say they were people who help create what is important to everyday life.

   Design is the solutions that not everyone has the answers. But designers are the people who the people the can adapt to the problem and create the answers we are looking for. They are the people who create the experience of the end to end from a company to the client. ” Art is about making questions, and designs is making the solutions to those questions” (Design Disruptors). This video should help designers get the inspiration they need to solve the problems to help Crete their work. It’s not about how it look at the end but what’s the process from beginning to finish. It’s how a designer’s works. Compares from how they start to where they are now because the evolving changes to keep up with the times.

  In conclusion, this movie helped me understand the difference between art and design. There is a challenging process not just making a design to appeal to the eye. The process is about just about connecting the clients to the company but making a experience to make the customers wanting to keep coming back.

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Max 7 Project Idea

Migrants Continue To Arrive On Greek Island Of Kos

For my project in Max 7, I would represent a thunderstorm. Each thunder sound be would be different brightness of light in a led lights. The louder the boom the brighter the LED light. And the quieter the boom, the softer dim on the LED lights. The lighting would be represented in the volume. The brighter the lighting strip the louder the sound and the dimmer the lighting strip the sound would be more quieter. the creation is have a general idea of the thunderstorm with both visuals and sound.

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Max 7 Exercise

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.41.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.43.04 AM

This part of the patch is what created the separate window for the rendered shape to move in. the metro is how many frames I want it to move.  The toggles on both the upper and bottom part of the section of the patch turn it on and off.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.31.52 PM

The second part of the patch what control the sphere. Most of the upper section of this part controls how the sphere moves within the window. The numbers on top the pak 0. 0. 0 control the different ways the sphere can move. The numbers next to the prepend turn  are the sphere moves in different angles. The last part of this section  what shape it can morph into.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.43.33 AM

The last part of the whole patch is the color changing section. this part controls on what color is the sphere. The numbers sends a messages to change the variety of colors to the slider. The slider then chooses a color from the swatches and changes the color of the sphere.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.14.59 PMThis is the outcome when the whole patch is put together and how it works. The moment  of the sphere is automatic. The color changing was made to be controlled  manually by anyone. In any purpose sound could be incorporated if need to change the color.

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Audio: Logo Animation

This animation audio represents the sound of dogs barking and the sound of the snow storm. To create the snow blowing.I blew into the microphone and created the whooshing sound to creating the wind blowing. The sound of stepping into a puddle has created the sound of the rest of the snow storm. To create the sound of barking, I started to make the barking sound imitating a dog playing.

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Audio:Countdown Animation


With this animation, i just used a simple sound of hitting the side of my laptop with my finger to make the Audio. I had the effect of a delay to slow the sound and create an echo sound without using the echo effect.

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