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Understanding Comics Notes


Chapter 7:

  • Art consists of basic instincts:survival and reproduction
  • Art is the way we assert our identities as individuals and break out of the narrow roles
  • First use: provide exercise for the mind and body
  • Second use: provides an outlet for emotional balances
  • Third use: random activities lead to useful discoveries
  • Everything we do has an element of art to it
  • “Fine Artists”= pure artists, they do it for the art
  • Pure art is associated with purpose, what do you want out of the art
  • Path consists of the idea/purpose, form, idiom, structure, craft, and surface
  • Good work takes time to perfect it
  • The core of art question=why am I doing this?


  • Chapter 8:
  • Red, green, blue are additive colors
  • Cyan, magenta, yellow and black are subtractive colors
  • Characters in comics have different symbolic colors
  • Flat colors emphasize the shape


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Web Design Inspiration

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Arm and Hand Bones


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The concept of the silhouette drawing is that I finally had broken free from childhood and had grown up. The use of the chains and the floating balloon resembles that. The size difference between the little girl in the foreground and myself in the front shows the age difference, that now I am grown.

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Photo gallery Final Continue reading

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Self Portrait from Picture

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