Screen Print

This project, there was a building on the main street in Alfred New York. then to create three or more layers. I wanted to convey the idea of screen printing through the picture with texture, a cutout, and line work. the building I had chose was 43 North main street in Alfred, New York. this building has many the

first layer is a print is a picture of the shop’s front windows. This is a rough picture that creates a texture from the dots in the halftone bitmap. the halftone dots look like “proofs in screenprinting”.  the second layer is the line work of the outline of the entire building. this layer was printed three times to create an overlap. the last layer is a cutout of a “screen print screen with coating”. The colors of the first layer represent any color they use for screen printing, the black on the second layer to create contrast, and the later layer is a light grey that looks transparent.

to change the final print I would increase the color of the first layer to get a more clear picture. and the last layer a little darker to get the concept of the screen.


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Steel Plate Etching

This project consisted of drawing an image on wax, then dipped in nitric acid to create a variety of tones. The process of the dipped on consisted up to three dips or more and controlled times to get different tones for color. Once that process was finished then printed on paper for the final product.

The skull and the snake both mean different things when separated but together they mean death and rebirth, I chose to name this addition “circle of life because how the snake is wrapped around the wolf skull. the wolf skull represents the guide in the afterlife.  the colors, green and blue, I chose those colors because it means life and renewal.

If  I had the chance to change a few things I would take more time to dip in the nitric acid to get the tones right in the snakeskin texture. and also get in better detail in the overall idea.

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Woodblock Print

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Experimental​ Printmaking: Etching

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Self Critique   The series of five works  of print tells a narrative .Using an alumiuim plate and desired tools are to create lines and textures through printing. The story is printed onto the paper.  The narrative my story is … Continue reading

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Self Portrait

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Creation Myth

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Final Human Animal Morph

animal final

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