XD Website Redesign 2nd Draft


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XD draft Website Revision

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 9.46.52 AM.png

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The materials I will use for this self-portrait will be charcoal and watercolor paint. With these material choices, I want to do a spot color choice. I will use the watercolor paint to colorize my shirt while the rest of the portrait in charcoal. I chose this picture because I am a smiley person and bright person even through my dark times.


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Website Redesign


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Time Events:https://lethal-cure.000webhostapp.com/five%20exercises/growbox.html


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Motion Study

The motion I chose would be the turning the head from left to front to right. I chose this motion to give my self a challenge to draw the different directions with the brevity style.

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Bone Study

For the Bone Study, I have chosen to do the merging of the animal skeleton and the human skeleton. The animal I would use to merge to the human skeleton is a giraffe. For the human body, I would go from the pelvis and up. While with the giraffe, I would go from the should blade to the feet. I chose to use this animal be it will not only be challenging for me because it gives myself a way to work both perspectives on the orientation of the skeletons.

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