Logo Client: Yukon Quest

For my logo client project had been assigned the Yukon Quest. I had known nothing about the business, so i did some research. i went on the website to look at the logo, the history and anything to help teach me about it.yukon-quest-logo-mobile

The business is competition of sled races from all over the world competing to sled with huskies by the Yukon river in Alaska.

These are my first sketches when think of the Yukon quest. i took all the considerations of what could go into the logo.The first time i started sketching a variety of different approaches. Using only just shapes, text and both shapes and text.

After the critique, i decided to go a different direct and go to abstract and type based logo ideas.


In the next step of creating the new logo. i chose a few of the design i have created in the sketches.I continued to use the color palette from the previous logo for Yukon Quest. With the first logo i used paw prints to show movement and direction.

The critique to show the digitized versions of the logo i had feedback of the wolf looking to evil so i decided to go with the Yukon Quest and paw prints. i had changed the concept of using the paw prints and used the toes but developed the paw out of the word Yukon Quest.


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