Marionette-Artist Statement

This are the other characters i had created for ideas for my marionette. The other characters were a porcupine and bumble bee.

The design process of my flower character.

My Marionette represents a human in a flower form.The colors from each shape is connected by the colors in the patterns. The imperfections of the marionette represents struggle and solutions.

My marionette generates the idea of growth after destruction. With the marionette broken and unrecognizable, it has the strength to move on and start with new beginnings. Another Idea that can be generated from my marionette is rebirth. I had used one of these ideas to create form in my marionette. The colors are cohesive and blend together from the different tones in the origami paper. My creative process is based on the general idea of the character. I started of which the creation of my character then the research of what an origami marionette was.

The differences about my marionette is that I didn’t use the shapes I originally used when finding origami shapes to use. There are many different shapes repetition all throughout my character. All the colors are cohesive together because I carefully chose matching colors. Symmetrical because each side has the same shapes on both sides. Vertically unbalanced because the bottom half of my character I heavier than the top half.

The waist of my character has a flower to connect everything to. The waist is the center or the foundation my marionette. I could’ve continued with the balloon shapes but I wanted to had depth and add a contrasting shape to the design. With the modular design, it has added the human figure shape to the flower’s body. Modular design gave the marionette the depth to help the shape be stable.

My character’s balance is both symmetrical and asymmetrical because the vertical unbalances and the mirroring of shapes on both sides. The consistency of shapes in a pattern starts to create a rhythm.  Order is the most important since if the character didn’t have order the body wouldn’t have the correct shape. The portion is uneven because the flower waist creates the uneven balance. All the chosen shapes together create unity.

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