Design Disruptors Film

     There was a screening of the movie, “Design Disruptors” on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at Alfred University. This  movie talked about how design is important today and how it will be important in the future. Different head design CEOS had described what design mean to them why it is important in the past and in today’s society.

    Design of products and software are to help connect the clients or users to what they see everyday of their lives. This movies shows why people keep creating for what’s to come later or in other words to help design things to evolve with its users. Everyone single one of those designers had a different words to describe what they do as for their careers. Some said it was product designs while others said graphic designers and others say they were people who help create what is important to everyday life.

   Design is the solutions that not everyone has the answers. But designers are the people who the people the can adapt to the problem and create the answers we are looking for. They are the people who create the experience of the end to end from a company to the client. ” Art is about making questions, and designs is making the solutions to those questions” (Design Disruptors). This video should help designers get the inspiration they need to solve the problems to help Crete their work. It’s not about how it look at the end but what’s the process from beginning to finish. It’s how a designer’s works. Compares from how they start to where they are now because the evolving changes to keep up with the times.

  In conclusion, this movie helped me understand the difference between art and design. There is a challenging process not just making a design to appeal to the eye. The process is about just about connecting the clients to the company but making a experience to make the customers wanting to keep coming back.

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