Wood and Clay-Artist Statement

The lamp represents the “Light of the Sea.” In the dark parts of the sea there will always be light at the bottom. The circles carved out of the wood creates movement, like the ocean waves.

Starfish are creatures that inhabit the bottom of the sea that is the base of my lamp. The ocean is a colorful place filled with texture and color. The whole starfish creates texture with depth. The colors of the lamp are analogous together because they are colors of a starfish and the ocean. The circles and organic quality of the lamp creates movement and makes the lamp alive.

The research of the structure was the most difficult part, I was trying to find a way to create a sturdy lamp. The outcome of the lamp didn’t look that much different from the original sketch except the legs of the starfish are placed different than on a normal starfish.

With my first-time wood carving, I started with simple shapes to get an understanding of how the wood carving process would be. The circles in the wood carving create the openness of the piece.


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