Orchida’s B​ackstory

The war that destroyed the whole planet, left it cover in ashes and sand.Not a single soul or living thing roaming the earth. The year is 2400. Mother Earth was thinking of a plan to save her planet before the total destruction. As Mother Nature was taking the last stroll on earth, she found one last seed ever, an orchid seed. With the orchid seed, mother nature had planted the seed and watered it with a plan intended. Continue reading

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Canon Character


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Simplified Cellphones



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Art Inspiration Site


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Who I Admire?

I admire my mother.My mother has done so much much for my family and I. I have given her thanks for only being a single mom that raised six kids on her own. Only have one job and still being able to get everything and making sure that our needs are filled with hers. Through the toughs, I will always help my mom with anything because without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  She taught me that nothing I can’t be achieved without a great sense of hard work and though.

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Character Cannon

Orchida is a fair-skinned teenage girl with freckles and tattoos all over her body. Her tattoos are a flower from her neck, and vines traveling from her flower all the way down. Starting from the back of Orchida’s neck of the root her vine tattoos and travels down her spine leading to her arms and legs. On her palms, the back of her hands and feet are orchid flowers.Orchida stalls 5 foot and nine inches tall. Orchida has a pear-shaped body. Her face is a wide but slender with light blue-green eyes, a small wide nose, and bright pink luscious lips. Her brown hair with blue ends is the length of her shoulders. SOrchida’s outfits start with a bra top has straps that lead down the back of the skirt. On the front center of the bra top, it leads down the stomach to the top middle of the skirt. The Skirt bottom of the out has a slit from the right hip to the feet cover the crotch area. The back of the skirt reaches the feet.


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art Inspiration Draft


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