Illuminated name/ Initials

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Illuminated name/initials


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Accordion Book-Linear Day



With my linear day I wanted to create a crazy chaotic day. When coming with ideas, I thought about what could lead to a crazy day. The idea of the theme of psychedelics came to mind to representing how my insomnia looks like and so I chose to do something with drugs and seeing things and opening the mind. When coming with transitions, I had to think things to work great for transitioning to another while still keeping the story going. Elements that stand out the most is the lines, The page with the mushrooms and the page with the tree represent the idea of taking the mushroom and hallucinating.




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Still Life Drawings

This gallery contains 2 photos.


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Music Drawings




The first photo was done during class time, I was to listen to music and draw as I listened. The piece turned out abstract. I was to crop it to a 4×4 and then duplicate it into a 16×16 exactly. The second and third photo is the replicas of the 4×4.

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self portrait

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To test out my different mediums of drawing utensils, I had drawn 5 boxes. Each box represent a different shade of the materials. Starting from the left to right, it goes from lightest to darkest. The materials used in order from top to bottom are drawing pencils, charcoal, fine tip pen, and watercolor pencils.



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