To test out my different mediums of drawing utensils, I had drawn 5 boxes. Each box represent a different shade of the materials. Starting from the left to right, it goes from lightest to darkest. The materials used in order from top to bottom are drawing pencils, charcoal, fine tip pen, and watercolor pencils.



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Descriptive Write-Up:Book of Hours, Book of Kells, Persian Miniatures


The Book of Hours is a very busy piece of art. There are many elements consisting throughout the art piece. The first thing that catches the eye is the center which is the picture with the building and the women. The building in the center creates depth which creates the feeling of a three-dimensional feeling. The perspective of the building can make it seem like different viewpoints and angles. The way the wording and the picture in the center are places creates asymmetrical balance to the page. The  bottom corners the people create an asymmetrical palace to the page.The patterns on the outside on the rim has a variety of warm and cool colors. The shapes create a repetition of patterns and rhythm.


The Persian Miniatures has a repetition of the organic shapes for the clouds which turns into a smoke like pattern. With all of the people around the edge, their heads are pointing the middle making the focus in the center. The focus in the center the person is a lot bigger than everything else which and unbalance of proportion. With the unbalance of proportion in different areas can create unity al throughout the page. Along with the worded boxes on opposite corners evens out the symmetrical balance.


The book of Kells has a lot more repetition of shapes which creates patterns. the bird on the circle shapes all point to the person in the center. The main focus of the page is the center. With the person have a bigger proportion means there is a bigger importance while the further you get from the center the objects get smaller emphasizing their importance. The people on the page has a similarity to the paintings during the Byzantine time period. The colors of the pages all tie together creating harmony.

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“Self-Reliance” response

The essay,”Self Reliance” by Emerson was about going with the instincts and ideas rather than going with outside influences and ideas. “Act singly, and what you have already done singly will justify you now. Greatness appeals to the future. If I can be firm enough to-day to do right, and scorn eyes, I must have done so much right before as to defend me now. Be it how it will, do right now”(Emerson 8). This quote had stuck out to because it not only saying that the past will define who you are as a person but the future will help achieve greatness. What to already have been achieved by someone and have people notice for the good or the bad means there was a change to be made. The choices that have been mad or will be made can be backed up with confidence and the feeling of doing the right thing .

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Time Management

Getting into a routine can be easy during a school or on a daily basis. A routine schedule can help remind myself what I need to do during a certain time and to keep myself on track. with a breakdown of my week or day can help with time management. this is my schedule for the first week

Copy of time management 2017(2)

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Ted Talks: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

In the Ted talks video, Simon Sinek talks about what inspires people to do the choices the choices they make and how they are influenced. Everyone inspires and can be inspired on how things are presented. My reason for the things I do for myself is to become a person people can learn from. Not only to teach people but give the motivation to achieve the not only the limit but past the limit and achieve higher than what people expect out of themselves. By the way I do things, I can inspire people on their influence  for their outcomes for their choices. all of my life, my elders have told me, there must be a reason for the things you do even if you might not know what it is at the moment. as they tell me that as I make my choices, it keeps me doing the things I love or inspire me to do better.

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Max 7 Final

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.37.08 PM

This is mockup of the max 7 lighting idea. The concept of the idea is to have the visual and audio representations of a thunderstorm.  The waves represent the audio of the storm. While the lights on right video is a visual of lights. If this project was to continue, it would be transform in to a room exhibition to have people watch or interact with. There would be two walls to have the lights on and show the noise projection. While on two there walls would be the audio waves. All around the room would speakers to hear the thunderstorm audio. There would be a station to control on how the lights would look like will by entering numbers and color changing what the waves look like. Over time, the big idea would evolve with the colors changing on its own while the lights would change to the sounds or have a choice to interact and people could create their own light reactions.

The waves are the audio of the storm. The louder the storm is,the closer the waves come together. The softer the sound the farther away the waves are from each other. The sound is playing throughout the stereo. The visual of the audio waves is control through the interpol8r and the slidr. The information of the audio is turned into VIZZE data and transforms to the audio waves. Mat_emission and the erase_color controls on what colors it looks like. Draw_mode is what shape the audio waves can take.

The noise would be the “LED lights” or the lights would be one of visuals from the audio. The jit.matrix is the how the information from the patch that retrieves the image that appears in the video window. The value controls how many dots are in the window. The zoom x and y control how close or far the pixels are zoomed in. The anchors controls which way and the noise moves around. The bound mode is what and how is left behind when the video movies. The slide down control how bright the dots are.


The video show how the whole patch works as a whole rather shown in pieces and broken down. the video shows how changing the values in each part can change the effects of the videos.

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Wood and Clay-Artist Statement

The lamp represents the “Light of the Sea.” In the dark parts of the sea there will always be light at the bottom. The circles carved out of the wood creates movement, like the ocean                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         waves.

Starfish are creatures that inhabit the bottom of the sea that is the base of my lamp. The ocean is a colorful place filled with texture and color. The whole starfish creates texture with depth. The colors of the lamp are analogous together because they are colors of a starfish and the ocean. The circles and organic quality of the lamp creates movement and makes the lamp alive.

The research of the structure was the most difficult part, I was trying to find a way to create a sturdy lamp. The outcome of the lamp didn’t look that much different from the original sketch except the legs of the starfish are placed different than on a normal starfish.

With my first-time wood carving, I started with simple shapes to get an understanding of how the wood carving process would be. The circles in the wood carving create the openness of the piece.


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